What is it like to explore and will into existence creations abstract in nature? Explore their shapes, understand the intricate fabric, the coarse skin, the surface tension of the many layers. What is it like to see their colours, know how they feel to the touch, observe their flow through time, know them in the past, present, imagine them in the future?

From musical landscapes to manifestations of software, these worlds exist all around us. They present themselves in familiar shapes, but beyond the familiar are vast adventures, sometimes taken solo, sometimes in small bands. These worlds are there for you to visit and explore. They take shape of vast cities, small villages, countries and continents, creaking cabins, of sand castles. At times they are orderly, easy to grasp and navigate. Some are friendly. Others - chaotic, changing dangerously as they are traversed.

We are both adventurers in these worlds and their creators, often unknowingly stepping in and navigating the mazes, the forests, the multi-dimensional and the bizarre. We wander through the worlds of others, trying to grasp their shapes, find some meaning. We live in these worlds, for days, weeks, months, for longer. We revel in the abstract, finding joy in understanding, in exploration, in the unlimited ability to create. We chart maps to share, to not forget. Sometimes others are invited to come along, to build in this space together, to share the struggle, to help each other. Sometimes you are alone, and that is how it must be.

These spaces we will into being or discover might fill us with pride, or joy, or satisfaction, or fear and confusion, but ultimately they just are, not here for us or to serve a purpose. Their projections might stir reality into action, might cause a light to blink, a plane to fly or a concert hall to grasp. But the abstract exists in the abstract, in the shared consciousness of those who venture out to explore, and inevitably - to get lost.