When Gradle composite builds don't work, but you really want them

An evening sketch

Life of a modern worker, a.k.a. productive mornings, draining days and numb evenings.

Impacts of a phone addiction

Luna Mono 2.0 Sandals - four month review

I've been wearing Luna Mono 2.0 sandals every day for four months. I love them, but they're not fairing all that well.

Hollyburn and Strachan lift-assisted ski tour

Explorations of Hollyburn Mountain and Mount Stratchan on skis.

Hollyburn Mountain ski tour

A quick day trip to begin the new year by skiing up and down Hollyburn Mountain.

Abstract adventures

What is it like to explore abstract worlds every day?

Joys of work

Personal musings on why we work

Easily change SQLite user_version pragma with a hex editor

My interview with Mozilla

Fully distributed web applications?

Running Fedora 23 on Macbook Air 5,2 (mid-2012 model)

Developer's block - and how I'm trying to deal with it

Hosting MBTiles maps, fast and cheap

Driving across Canada in February

Timelapse of a cross-Canada drive in winter

Getting started with Django on AWS Elastic Beanstalk

Running Django apps on AWS circa 2012.